Apache Project(s) of the month


What kind of projects will be covered?

I am very much into data, so the projects I am mostly inclined towards fall into this category. That said, I am attracted by interesting and novel approaches in general... and by cool names as well!

Why "Apothem"?

Besides being a great acronym for "Apache project(s) of the month", I like the idea and metaphor of an apothem as the shortest straight path from knowing just about the project's summary (the center) to understanding the central idea of each of the projects' aspects (the midpoints).

Why the hexagon?

Because it's a cool shape! It is also quite common and nature seems to like it.

Why Pelican?

I was looking for a static site generator with the following requirements:

  • easily deployed to Github Pages;
  • written in Python;
  • using the Jinja templating system;
  • with pluggable and easily customizable themes;
  • supporting Markdown content;
  • with syntax highlighting.

Pelican had all the features I needed and I could start with it straight away. I am aware of alternatives such as Lektor (which I have used in the past) and Nikola, and I might be trying some of them in the future.

How to write a comment?

I have decided not to enable comments for the time being, but you are welcome to use the Github project page or to reach me on Twitter.